Novel Updates Tutorial:


  1. Invite the bot to your server. Invite link: click here.
  2. After the bot has joined your server, configure the permissions of the update channel(s) so that the bot's role has:
    • View Channel
    • Send Messages
    • Embed Links
    • Mentioned @everyone, @here and All Roles
  3. For each book you want to track, run the following command in the channel that updates should be posted in:
    • WebNovel: /webnovel trackreleases <novel|fanfic> <book name> [message]. For example: /webnovel trackreleases novel Cultivation Online @everyone New CO Chap.
    • Wuxiaworld: /wuxiaworld trackreleases <book name> [message]. For example: /wuxiaworld trackreleases Nine Star Hegemon Body Art @everyone New NSHBA Chap.
  4. The bot should reply with a message along the lines of: Now tracking releases for "Cultivation Online" with message "@everyone New CO Chap".
  5. The bot is now tracking chapter releases of your specified book(s). For further setup, please see the above video.